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Blackjack is regarded as one of best casino games for the player due to the level of influence you have whilst playing the game and is often seen as a team game of all the players agaisnt the dealer. However the second part is not stricktly true as although you can play with strategy the simple point is you do not know what the next card is.

The basic premise of blackjack is to beat the dealers hand whilst not exceeding a total of 21. All players are dealt 2 cards face up with the dealer only showing their top card. each player in turn then chooses whether to Hit (take a card) or Stick (do not take a card). When all players have made their choice the dealer turns over his card and will draw more cards until they reach 17 or higher. All players who beat the dealer get paid their bet at even money, playeers who tie have their bets stand and players who get beat lose their stake.

Blackjack: when a player gets dealt an ACE and a 10 or face card (valued at 10) pays 3:2.If the dealer also shows an ace the player can take insurance or even money at this stage or risk the dealer also getting blackjack

Insurance: When a dealer gets an ace and the player has blackjack the player can add up to half their stake as insurance. If the dealer gets blackjack insurance bet is paid at 2:1 and original stake stands (in effect paid even money on original stake), if the dealer doesnt hit blackjack the original stake is paid at 3:2 but the insurance is lost (again in effect paid even money on original stake)

Split: If a player has 2 matching cards they can split these into 2 seperate hands by adding equal stake again

Double: A player can double at any time, this involves doubling the stake but the player only recieves one card

The table below shows the best times to play certain cards, this is regarded as the optimum strategy, however if you play solely to these rules long term the casino edge will win out. There are times when you have to play with feelings such as when you think tens are due or you may decide you wish to stick on 16 when the strategy says hit. 

Optimum blackjack strategy

optimum blackjack strategy
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